I've always loved art deco jewelry - clean lines, beautifully symmetrical stones and basic designs that don't overwhelm.
Although my dress is a tad romantic for the art deco genre, I plan on sneaking in some art deco jewelry as a nod to my love of the deco.  I'm thinking a multi-layer pearl necklace with an art deco clasp somewhat like this:
Image via GeoGallery / Photo by Kenneth Larsen
I might add a smaller drop earring in a complementing pattern somewhat like these:
Image via Amazon
Since my dress is pretty intricate and I will have a decorative sash on as well, I want to keep the jewelry as simple and elegant as possible - which is why the deco style really speaks to me.  Nothing is overly designed or too showy.  I'm still looking for the perfect jewelry at my local antique shops and estate sales.  I've seen quite a lot of art deco costume jewelry in my area, I think I can find the perfect jewelry for a great price!

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