Food is something that's always been important to Mr. Jet and me - we both grew up with parents who could REALLY cook and love to try new recipes and funky restaurants in our area.  (I even used to "mentor" some of my friends who were learning how to cook on their own - NO, you can not substitute vanilla pudding for plain yogurt.)  Needless to say, we would not accept crap banquet wedding food.
One of the major reasons Mr. Jet and I chose Bittersweet Farm was for their menu.  Since they're a restaurant operating year-round for the public as well as for private events, we were confident in their ability to help us create a really great menu for our wedding guests.  For a per plate price, they offer:

- Homemade Dinner Rolls with Honey Butter (uh-mazing) or Homemade Corn Bread with Red Pepper Jam - We opted for the rolls and butter since the corn bread was an upcharge we couldn't justify.
- A Mesclun Green salad with Balsamic Dressing or Caesar Salad - Mesclun Salad for us, a lighter option and more accessible to everyone.
- Award-Winning Clam Chowder or Seasonal Soup - We didn't add a soup course since we're doing the Chowder as a passed appetizer.
- Choice of 2-3 entrees for guests to choose from - This was a tough choice, but we chose the Roasted Pork Loin with Cranberry Glaze and Apple-Raisin Stuffing, Baked Stuffed Sole with Lobster Crabmeat Stuffing and Cardinal Sauce, and for the vegetarians in the crowd, the Mushroom Ravioli with a Sherry-Asparagus Cream Sauce.  Okay, I am literally dreaming of these meals.
- Cake Service with Coffee - I can't believe venues will charge you for cake-cutting - that's crazy!

In addition to that, Mr. Jet and I will be offering the following:

- A Stationery Cheese and Cracker Display
- Passed Appetizers: A Clam Cake/Clam Chowder Shooter  - So freaking amazeballs, I can't even deal.  If you've never had a Clam Cake, you are missing out!, Bacon Wrapped Local Scallops with Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce and Spanikopita (mmm, feta).
- Our Wedding Cake, obvs.
- A Late-Night Snack - This was something I asked our coordinator, Corrie, about at our first meeting.  Bittersweet didn't have an official menu for this, but since many brides over the past few years have been asking about it - they were well-versed on the subject and could pretty much give us anything we thought of!  I turned down Mr. Jet's suggestion of "Beef Tongue Tacos" and we settled on Angus Sliders and French Fries.  All that dancing and drinking will definitely get people in the mood for tiny burger and cups of fries!

We did our tasting a few months ago, and since the restaurant was open to the public and we were seating in a dark area near the fireplace, flash photography probably would've been a bad idea!  Plus, Mr. Jet, FFIL Jet and I were SO hungry that nothing lasted long enough anyway.

I can't wait to share all that good food with everyone!  

Here's a sneak peek of the passed appetizers - Images via Bittersweet Farm (photos by Holly Haddad Photography):
Bacon Wrapped Scallops.

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