As a kid, I LOVED going to weddings.  Getting all dressed up, eating my weight in cake and dancing until my cheeks go red - how could you NOT?!  When I was younger, I always vowed that kids would totally-be-allowed-omg at my wedding no matter what.  Now that I'm on the cusp of actually tying the knot, my views have changed - ever so slightly.
I have no idea who these children are, but I want them. / Image via Wishes Events / Photo by Phindy Studios
Because our venue has a very strict guest-cap of 165, we had to make sure that the family members, friends and co-workers we invited were close and important people in our lives.  It really forced us to examine our original "throw everyone onto paper we've spoken to in the past 2 years" list and make some serious cuts.  

Both Mr. Jet and I come from medium-large families with lots of aunts, uncles and first cousins.  And those cousins have spouses.  And those couples have children...and so on and so on until the END.OF.TIME.

The point is, we had to draw the line somewhere.  We decided that there would be no children invited to the wedding, with only three exceptions.  Originally, Mr. Jet had asked his niece and nephew to stand as a junior bridesmaid and junior usher and I had asked my youngest first cousin* to walk Bruce down the aisle.  This was great because it set parameters that we were able to stick to - "only children in the bridal party will be invited."

Ha, if ONLY life were that easy - right?  

One of my first-cousins has an 8 year old daughter who is "like" a first-cousin and would be really upset if she were not invited.

Okay sure, she can come.

Also, Mr. Jet's first-cousin and her husband from Florida are coming up...and bringing their two kids...and don't have a sitter.

Okay sure, they can come.

I honestly don't mind accommodating people and making room when I can, but I'm afraid this is starting to get out of hand.  The only way I've been able to feasibly combat the free-for-all is to explicitly state on our RSVP cards that we've reserved "x seats in your honor..." to try and avoid the assuming making an ass of you and me.  You feel me?

As you can see, my anxiety comes less from the whole "kids at the wedding" thing and more from the "where will we PUT them" thing.  

Anyone make a few exceptions to actually have it work out in the end?  ::fingers crossed!::

*Since asking youngest-cousin L to stand up in the wedding, I now have a NEW youngest cousin - can someone please tell my family to stop breeding until after this damn wedding?!


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