In Part I of "Let's Get Tra-Ditional", we covered the cake smash, bouquet toss, line dance, rice throw and dollar dance.  (Catch up here!)

Now, the shocking conclusion...dun dun DUNNNNN!
TRADITION #6: The Photo Slideshow / Image via iStockPhoto
I love to reminisce about my life through photos, it helps memories come rushing back and always seems to make me laugh, cry or even both.  The wedding photo slideshow is a way for the bride and groom to showcase their young lives, the time they met, and their lives together as a couple for all of their guests.  The only downside is that if it seems too "in your face", guests may tire of the slideshow rather quickly.

The Verdict:  Still out on this one - if we manage to have the time, energy and equipment for this, we may put something together.  
TRADITION #7: The Endless Toasts / Image via Comediva
(I can literally quote Steve Buscemi's entire scene from this movie, The Wedding Singer!)  Toasts are a great way to allow parents or members of the bridal party to say a few words about the newlyweds and maybe share an embarrassing story or two, but can very quickly get out of hand.  Ever been to one of those weddings where all you want to do is eat your chicken, but everyone from the maid of honor to weird Uncle Sal seems to get up on the microphone with something to say?  There needs to be a cutoff somewhere to prevent that story about you hula-hooping naked at the age of 2 from ever seeing the light of day.

The Verdict: Yes - but we're only allowing a select few speak on our behalf.  The DJ's on strict orders to strike up the Academy Awards orchestration if anyone tries anything funny.
TRADITION #8: The Garter Toss / Image via Bridal Guide / Photography by Long's Photography
Much like the bouquet toss, the garter toss gives me the hives just thinking about.  As much as I love Mr. Jet removing parts of my clothing in front of our entire family....  As a joint tradition, the bouquet/garter toss and presumable dance that follows it up is a "fun" way to single out the...single people in the crowd, but again, way too embarrassing for me as a wedding guest, nevermind as the bride.

The Verdict: Nuh uh - sorry to all of our male guests just itching to put a used garter on some random female.
TRADITION #9: The Receiving Line / Image via June & Art
Not sure if this is a cultural or even regional thing at this point, or maybe just an outdated tradition, but I've never been to a wedding with a receiving line.  Weird?  It's obviously the bride and groom's way to formally greet each guest and thank them for coming to celebrate their day.  It's a lovely gesture and as a guest, it's always nice to get a little face time with the couple since much of their time is taken up doing other things.

The Verdict:  Kind of - we're not doing a receiving line per se, but we may sneak around during cocktail hour to greet guests.  Either that, or we will work the room during dinner to say hello to everyone.
TRADITION #10: The Glass Clink / Image via Wedding Gurus
Clinking glasses at a wedding signifies to the couple that someone hiding in the corner wants to see them kiss.  Kissing Mr. Jet is one of my favorite things!  Go ahead, clink a glass - just don't break it!

The Verdict:  Yes - why not take every chance given to give your new hubs a smooch?

How will you approach reception traditions?

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