Bespectacled Miss Jet v. Empty-Faced Miss Jet / Personal photo
Okay hive, I wear glasses on the reg.  I've been rockin' 'em since 7th grade - holler at those wire framed nightmares!  Right now I wear brown tortoise Ray Bans and they've been an every day staple on my face for a few years now.  

For my wedding day, I want to look like the best version of myself.  Not to say that the glasses version of myself is any more or less "me", but if I have an option to not wear them it's a decision I'll have to make.  I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing my contacts the day of my wedding, not only to show off my whole face (the Ray Bans sort of take on a life of their own!), but to reduce photo glare!  It'll also just look "nice" to have a clean look what with the veil, jewelry, hair, etc.  We'll see how tired my eyes in my contacts get by 9 pm, but I'm all for a costume change into my trusty Ray Bans should the situation arise!  By then, everyone will be on the dance floor and all of the pertinent photos will have been taken.  My best friend, MOH K did the same thing and has no regrets about changing into her glasses part way through her reception.  

Another argument for a glasses-free look - while I'm used to bespectacled life now, it may not always be so.  What if I get Lasik or hit my head and end up back at 20/20 vision?  What if in ten years Ray Bans are hideously unpopular and I look totally dated in my wedding photos?  Call me vain or an over-thinker (both of those things are probably true), but a specs-free face it shall be!

::near-sighted vent session over!!::


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