- spoken by Miss Jet Setter herself in regards to her seating chart.

Although I'm still waiting for about 40% of my RSVPs, I couldn't help but get started on this:
Foam board + colored post-its = best. thing. ever.

I seriously am loving doing this seating chart. (I seriously am the only person I've ever encountered that didn't find this task utterly excruciating). I took the floor plan that our venue coordinator gave us and drew it out on a foam core board.  Then, using the colored post-its, I sorted our guests into the following categories:
  • Bridal Party
  • Bride's Family
  • Brides's Friends/Co-Workers
  • Groomsmen
  • Groom's Family
  • Groom's Friends/Co-Workers

I drew out all of the table numbers and circled in the number of guests allotted per table to better visualize the whole thing.

After that was done, I wrote out all of our guests' names on their coordinating post-it and dropped them onto the tables, trying my best to seat everyone with people they are related to or know through work or mutual friends.  I also used a different color to represent open seats I still need to fill or play around with.

Things to consider when seating:
  • Divorced Couples/Separated Families (I have quite a few of these, including my own parents, so I had to be sensitive of this issue when seating aunts and uncles and their children)
  • Out-of-Town Families (I wanted to make sure the guests coming from out of town that we see very rarely were close-by to the relatives they are expecting to catch up with)
  • Merging Friends (While Mr. Jet and I share a lot of friends, we both have different circles spanning our high school, college, and adult years - so making sure there's a link or at least some commonality between the guests was important
  • Table 9 (The Wedding Singer is on of my ALL-TIME favorite movies.  The mutants at Table 9?  They had to be guests who'd get the joke!)
  • Single Guests (I wanted to intersperse our single guests who would be likely to mingle with each other at various tables to hopefully incite some romance!  Mr. Jet and I were seated together at a table randomly the night we met, maybe we can re-create our magic for another couple?!)

What things did you have to consider before doing your seating chart?  Am I seriously the only one who's had fun doing this?


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