While I'm patiently (ya, right) awaiting our pro-pics from my wonderful uncle over at James F. Reilly Photography, I've jumped into married life full force with my new hubs and we've been loving every minute of the past three weeks.

And since our wedding fund has now become our "buy everything we've needed/wanted for the last year and a half but couldn't justify before" fund, Mrs. Jet Setter has finally afforded herself a new look!
A little PWC and a new pair of PWGs!

We've also allowed ourselves a few indulgences as we spent the weekend in Western Massachusetts, visiting some friends and my alma mater, UMass Amherst!
Apple cider donuts and fresh-baked bagels!  Mmmm...carbs.
We also went to see my music crush and writer of the song I was named after, Elvis Costello!!  He was on a solo tour and stopped at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA last Sunday night.  The show was amazing!

Now that the wedding is over, I must say it's really nice not to have to scrimp and save and spend every waking moment on gluing, sewing, cutting, etching or painting.  While I already miss my dear wedding and it feels like a million years have already passed, it's been so nice to move on and settle into married life with Mr. Jet Setter as we start the next chapter in our ever-growing book of lurveeeee.

Any post-wedding indulgences you care to share?


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