I'm always a sucker for a good-looking centerpiece.  Combine that with my need to win every single competition (even when I'm apparently the only one competing...)
Image via After Ellen
"Is everyone else seeing a troll doll nailed to a 2x4?"

...and you have my aching need to create the ULTIMATE CENTERPIECE GIVE-A-WAY!!!!  (did you hear Oprah in your head just now?  Good.)

Since I've failed to show you my centerpiece inspiration up until now, I'll save you anymore waiting:
Image via The Knot
Ta-da!  Not the most original idea out there these days, I know - but it ties in our modern-meets-rustic theme really nicely.  And since our venue is pretty warm and decorated in its own right, I wanted something simple, clean and romantic that won't overwhelm the natural atmosphere of the room.

We bought these Ikea lanterns on a quick trip to our local Ikea eons ago and they've been taking up space at my future in-laws' house ever since.  While at first I didn't see the problem in storing 30 tin lanterns for the short-term, I eventually realized I didn't want to store 30 tin lanterns for the long-term.  

I researched some centerpiece giveaway ideas to try and spice up this old tradition.  Just think, if you're 25 years old right now and attend (on average) 3 weddings every year, by the time you're 60 - you'll have attended 105 weddings!  There are only so many times you'll be willing to "check under your chair" for a gold star.  

Here are some of the giveaway ideas I liked:

  • THE RSVP REWARD: In this scenario, you keep track of all of your incoming RSVPs and as you work on your seating chart, you preemptively award the centerpiece to the first among the table to send in their response.  (I'd win that shiz all day, every day.  I'm crazy prompt.)
  • THE BIRTHDAY GIRL & BOY: The DJ will announce that the person at every odd numbered table whose birthday is closest to the groom's birthday wins the centerpiece.  The guest at each even numbered table whose birthday is closest to the bride's will win as well. 
  • THE DOLLAR BILL, YO: The DJ asks one person at every table to take out a dollar and proceeds to play a quick "pass the buck" game.  When the music stops, the person holding the dollar is told to put it in their pocket and the person who supplied the dollar has just "bought" the centerpiece.
  • THE FREE-FOR-ALL: The DJ announces near the end of the night that the centerpieces are for the taking and it's first come, first served until they're gone!

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