Although Mr. Jet is my very best friend AND lovah - I'd be nowhere without my girls.  They're my sounding boards, my shopping mates, my fellow-PMSers, my rocks.  I've got 6 super amazing friends from different stages in my life, I'm even lucky enough to call one of them my sister! 

Without further lovely ladies:
Oddly enough, I only have glasses on in one of these photos, but I really wear them almost every day! / Collage via Photovisi / Photos personal
TOP: B'Maid E (with special photobomb by Mr. Jet!), MOH J, B'Maid V
BOTTOM: MOH K, B'Maid C, B'Maid M
  • B'Maid E is my fashion-forward friend who makes heels always look easy and shares my love of travel, Target and travelling to Target.  She lives just a town over from me which makes for great, last-minute shopping trips.

  • MOH J is my sister and first friend.  We went through our awful "I hate you" stage like most sisters do, but she's my one and only sibling and best advice-giver.  She lives in Atlanta now, previously Seattle and who-knows-where-next - Hawaii perhaps with her Hawaiian-born hubs? ;)

  • B'Maid V was my middle school friend, high school friend, 4-year college roommate and otherwise my twin.  She lives in Jacksonville - perfect for when I need to escape the cold NE winters.

  • MOH K has been my bestie since high school - our parents even live across the street from each other! (We may or may not have started a gang in high school called the "Main Street Heat").  She lives a town over from me as well, in the other direction from B'Maid E!

  • B'Maid C I've known since she was a wee little lass and we've grown so close over the past 6-7 years.  She lives close-by too and I call on her whenever I need tips on how to apply liquid eyeliner or properly curl my hair.

  • B'Maid M has been my musical soulmate for years and a total trivia junkie like yours truly.  She lives in Western Mass - I often hop out there in the fall when I want to visit my alma mater, UMass Amherst!

I'm very fortunate that all of these ladies have agreed to be a part of our day and all the twine tying, envelope licking, dress bustling, crisis averting stuff that comes along with it!

Rounding out the crew, Mr. Jet has asked his brother (BM P), his best friend (BM K), and two other friends and bandmates (GM K and GM M) to stand up for him.  

We also asked Mr. Jet's niece and nephew (JBM A and JGM R) to join the junior ranks.  And finally, as our dog-bearer, my little cousin L (DB L)!!  

We've got a fantastic crew behind us, can't wait to party with these guys!


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