I've been an athlete since a very early age.  Wait, I've been semi-athletic since a very early age.  No, I've participated in sports teams since a very early age.  

Soccer, basketball, biking, roller skating - you name if, I've at least tried it once.  While I enjoy being active, I'm really quite awful at most things considered "active", which is why I quit the soccer team, joined the drama club and never looked back!

The older I get, however, the more important being active really is.  Not only to help with weight loss and maintenance, but to keep my energy up and keep myself feeling great.

Last year, I rustled up all the coordination I could and joined the BBRC.  The Buzzards Bay Rowing Club!
Our fleet out on the water! / Image via BBRC
The club started as a nod to our city's whaling heritage, we row replicas of old wooden whale boats, 5 rowers and one boat-steerer per boat.  We take the boats out once a week in Buzzards Bay and run races as well.  I joined the club with BM E to help tone up and throw a little variety into my very stale and boring gym routine.  

I've noticed through reading lots of blogs and bridal magazines, that women are most concerned about their upper bodies on their wedding day.  Having only played soccer for any real stretch of time, my legs maintained a good amount of muscle, but my arms?  Forget it!  Wet noodles, my friends.

Joining the club has really strengthened my upper body including my arms, back and chest - all of which will be very visible the day of the wedding!  Plus, I get to row with my pals once a week - rain, shine or snow - while workin' on my fitness!
A row earlier this spring, behind us you can see Fairhaven's hurricane dike. / Personal photo
Anyone else get out of the gym routine to shape up for their big day?

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