Since Mr. Jet and I wil be doing a first look, we needed a single mode of transportation that will round up our crew, including fur-baby Bruce!

Ideally, we wanted a 4-5 hour rental that would pick up all of the bridal party and our photographer (Uncle J) and bring us to a few local places we wanted to take pictures at before the ceremony and have a final drop-off at our ceremony/reception location before our 5pm ceremony start.  I immediately crossed out the limo idea, as I am about as graceful as a St. Bernard on a slip and slide - nevermind when tied up into a wedding gown.  Something I can step up into was preferable, if not mandatory.

I looked into trolley rentals in our area, I figured they weren't quite as popular as the limo and maybe not as expensive.  WOW, was I ever wrong!  The trolley rentals I found were almost 50% MORE expensive than the limos and most required a 6-8 hour rental minimum.  It was way outside the (completely arbitrary) $500 budget I seem to set for everything, but I was determined to find something more affordable.  

In our small-ish city, we have a few city trolleys which operate in the summer months doing tours of museums and "famous" locations around town.  I inquired with the city to see if they rented it for private events.  They don't.

Never fear, a similar small-ish city is only 20 minutes away.  I shot off an e-mail to their parks and rec. department...
TOTALLY hoped that she'd respond!! / Image via NBC
GOOD NEWS!  This small-ish city rented out their trolley for a song!  Only $100/hr. with a 4hr. minimum rental.  My penny-pinching inner-self was shouting from the rooftops!  I booked a meeting with Tammy and the trolley at the city bus depot to check out the trolley to make sure it wasn't a hot city mess. (All photos are personal)
she's vintage, she's rustic - she's all ours!
love the original wooden benches!
plenty of room for the whole crew and will make for some great photos!
I showed Mr. Jet the photos and we both agreed to book the trolley that night for our date.  The city employee we met with told us the driver even comes in a tuxedo!  Also, we can eat and drink on the trolley and head up and decorate it the night before!  A lot of private companies veto all the freedom - and for way more cash.

We are really excited to not only support a local city, as all of the money they take in on these private events is set aside for road and city vehicle repairs, but also to have a really cool trolley for an amazing price!

For those brides still looking for transportation, check with your local small-ish cities - you may be surprised at what they have to offer!


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