When I imagine Mr. Jet and I dancing at our reception, this image pops into my head:
Getting down and/or funky.
I LOVE to dance.  I have always thought there was a badass Latin dancer living inside my little white body.  I can bust many a move and do so anytime the situation arises.  I love to be the center of attention on the dance floor and will most certainly do that on my wedding day.  Mr. Jet doesn't exactly share my love of "the dance," but he's a big goofball and will indulge me on any dance floor.

That being said, it was important for us to find a DJ who fits our style.  I love all styles of music; pop, alternative, punk, classic rock, etc. while Mr. Jet's interests are far more eclectic and "indie."  We had to find a DJ that can compromise our two styles and find a great mix of ambient dinner music and dance music that isn't too exclusive of our diverse guests.

Our DJ, Frank Baptista, suggested that Mr. Jet tackle the cocktail and dinner music, since his style is a little less accessible to the mainstream guests we'll have and I take on the dance music since I seriously sing Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle" in my sleep.  This was a great compromise for the two of us, since music is such an important part of both of our lives. (Mr. Jet is a self-taught musician and and I come from a long line of singers and musicians as well).

My "Reception Boogie" playlist is already 100 songs long.  Time to edit?


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