Okay, so I'm totally crazy and type-A and need everything to be perfect and HATE surprises - that makes me the perfect person to be proposed to, right?

The first few years of dating Mr. Jet, marriage didn't really cross my mind.  We had moved in together after 11 months of dating, and I was serious about him, but being a wife wasn't at the top of my list of priorities just yet.  I was still young and trying to figure out what I could do with a Communications degree and how to buy a new car with nothing to put down.  

We casually talked about "forever" once in a while and I knew pretty early on he was the one for me and I for him.  We just wanted to take things slow and enjoy life as we knew it - raising our chihuahua mix, Bruce Banner, paying our bills on time and exploring our hobbies together and individually.

It wasn't until 4 years into our relationship that I started to get...the fever.  The more we did things like get a joint checking account and invest in furniture together, the more I realized that this WAS forever.  I wanted to keep him forever.  I wanted a proposal from him so that I knew he felt the same way.

In the winter of 2011, I really pushed the issue with Mr. Jet.  I was ready and needed him to know it.  He said he wanted forever too, and it would happen if I was patient.

Me?  Patient?  Has he actually MET me?

One night over a shared scorpion bowl at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I got him to agree to look at rings with me.  We stopped into a local, family-owned jewelry store and I pointed out exactly what I wanted.  (I had been there a few times before with my equally-as-obsessed friend, Chelsea).  Oh, just an Asscher cut diamond, in an antique-style pavé setting in white gold where the diamonds only go half-way around to prevent gunk build-up.  Nothing really particular about that.
my future precious. / Image via FancyDiamondInc.
Mr. Jet completely surprised me when he came out with this one:

"Okay, let's get it."

"Say whaaaaaa?" says me in a scorpion bowl-induced stupor.

We ordered the ring that night and we left hand-in-hand with a real promise for our future.


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