Okay, I must admit...I found our venue before I was actually engaged.  Do you honestly expect anything less from me?  Neither did anyone else.

While I sent out a ton of emails to local venues and sifted through quote after quote, I secretly knew where I wanted to get married.

It's an old barn-turned-restaurant in Westport, MA called Bittersweet Farm.
Image via RC Uplighting
I loved the intimate venue and all of the charm that came along with it.  I was not wanting to decorate an empty hall and lord knows we are NOT the country club type.  This was right up our alley.  We're modern, we're rustic, we're not into country music but we ARE into their homemade honey butter and that awesome steel Portuguese rooster.  (Mr. Jet's parents are Portuguese immigrants and take much pride in their heritage.  A little nod to the future in-laws would win me a few points).

Bittersweet Farm met with us in March 2012, just a week before we were actually engaged.  It was really important to both of us to keep our anniversary in the same week as the one we already celebrated.  Since our actual anniversary fell on a Thursday in 2013, we opted to bump out two days to the following Saturday. At least we can always celebrate on or around these two dates if we get there early enough!

After harassing all of my co-workers about my impending engagement, I was encouraged (alright, VERY STRONGLY URGED) to book a venue as soon as possible.  My corner of the world is very small and although Boston and Providence are only an hour or so away from us, I didn't want to travel that far for a wedding.  We wanted to celebrate our area, where we both grew up - so we strictly stayed in the South Coast of Massachusetts.  This limited our choices a lot, which was probably a good idea as too many choices make my head hurt. However, it also may have meant that our very popular mid-October date was already booked everywhere. 

We inquired at a few local venues that were thought to be reasonably priced and all-inclusive, but nothing tickled our fancy like Bittersweet did.  It is a public restaurant and we've eaten there many times and have never had a bad thing to say about the food or the service.  

We met with Corrie to make sure our date was open - it was!  We asked her every ridiculous over-prepared question we could think of - 

Can we have our dog at the ceremony?  (They have a gorgeous field on their property with a gazebo surrounded by trees that will be perfectly colored for our Fall nuptials)
Can we have a late night snack?
How late can we party?
Can we have uplighting?  Really?  You're not just saying that?

The list went on an on and Corrie answered every question we had.  We secured the venue that week with our deposit and started REALLY planning.

Here is some more eye candy: (All images below via RC Uplighting)

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