I have seven gorgeous bridesmaids of all different shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.  Finding a dress to look good everyone and match the theme of our outdoor Fall wedding was a big priority for me.  I wanted my most favorite women on earth look and feel great on my wedding day!

Originally, I wasn't into floor length dresses, as I thought they might be too formal for our event.  My mind was changed when I entered the wide world of chiffon.  At our local bridal salon, we found beautiful, flowing chiffon numbers in great Fall colors that seemed to accent not only my dress, but our modern/rustic theme as well.  

Enter, Bari Jay.  Bari Jay has been around for over 30 years offering really great styles that will never break the bank.  What's better is that they specialize in Bridesmaid dresses so they have real attention to detail and seasonal colors that never seem outdated.

We looked a few options in the floor-length chiffon but had a clear winner pretty quickly.  

Here she is, Number 324:
MOH K and B'maid E ROCKING the front/back combo. / Personal photo
My favorite elements of this dress are the sweetheart neckline (which mirrors my gown) and the geometric ruching on the back.  The girls ordered the dress in the color Forest, which is a really nice medium, moss green.  It's going to tie into our theme perfectly.
It seems as though all the girls are happy with the dress and although I'm pretty sure they'll never ACTUALLY wear them again, I'm secretly hoping they find at least one more use for this lovely little number!

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