I love my family and friends and am always grateful when any of them are gracious enough to give me a gift, but when it comes to registering for shower and wedding gifts - I find myself at a dead end.

Mr. Jet and I have been living together for almost 5 years and since both of us can cook, we have almost every gadget, gizmo or whatchamacallit there is.  We are paying for our own honeymoon, so at first we thought we could do a honeymoon registry, but since we're going all-inclusive there really isn't much to register for.  A nice dinner on the beach?  Included.  A massage?  Included.  A bottle of tequila?  TOTALLY. INCLUDED.

We scratched that off our list, but what if people do want to give us a physical gift?  Do we chance it and end up with a hideous wall clock?  Or should we upgrade some of the stuff we already have with a small registry at C&B?  

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