As a not-thin-yet-not-plus-sized bride - I sort of dreaded trying on wedding gowns.  I love my body for the most part, I've got curves in all the right spots!  But I do have insecurities as well and have been working out (a little) and watching what I eat (a little) to try and drop a few pounds before the big day.  I'm hoping I fall into that category of women who seem to mysteriously lose weight in the weeks leading up to their weddings due to stress and anxiety!  I've got the stress and anxiety part down, so I'm 2/3 of the way there if you do the math....

I started looking at bridal magazines with my gal pals right after (okay, a little before) I got engaged.  My eye was always drawn to very romantic, lacy styles, especially this Oleg Cassini number from David's Bridal:
Image via David's Bridal
(Sidenote: Why do bride models always look so damn miserable?  It's your fake wedding day, look alive!!)

I do know how to dress my body type and a sweetheart neckline accents my boobs without squishing them into one giant uni-boob.  The mermaid/trumpet line of the dress tucks in my small waist and lets out the J-Lo badonk I've got going on as well.  I knew pretty quickly that I wasn't a sheath or cupcake gown bride and once I found the style I wanted, I made an appointment with a local bridal salon.  

On a Saturday morning, my step-mom, MOH K, B'maid E and I visited Alexandra's Bridal in Fall River, MA.  We were met with the sassy Brazilian consultant, Rosana.  I showed her a few pictures I had with me and described the look I was going for.  As luck would have it, those Brazilian girls have all the right curves just like this Irish-Italian girl!  Rosana knew exactly what would accentuate the positives and she pulled about 10 dresses for me to try on.

I'd offer you a neatly presented collage, but the salon did not allow photos!  Womp womp...every blogger's nightmare!

I will tell you, however, I did not make it past dress 3.

Dress 3, oh dress I love you!

Are you getting the vibe yet that I make decisions very quickly?

Dress 1 was lacy, form-fitting and elegantly beaded.  It was a gorgeous dress, but there was something about the fit I wasn't crazy about and I knew it wasn't it right away.  By the look on my face, my audience knew too.

Dress 2 was satin, ruched, bedazzled around the waist and fit my body like a damn glove.  It was glamorous and very old-school hollywood starlet.  I felt super sexy and this was a serious contender.  It made me forget my lacy love but didn't quite fit our "modern rustic" theme, so I kept going.  My audience loved this one, but agreed it didn't quite scream "me!"

Dress 3 was  Rosana helped me step into it and although it was 4 sizes too small, it still looked magical.  It had the lace and beading of Dress 1 and the perfect fit of Dress 2.  It was corseted (score one for being able to eat at the wedding!), lacy, fitted and gorgeous.  My audience was stunned.  It was completely unanimous.  It was everything I wanted in a dress and made me feel like a fricken queen.  You'll all have to wait for the big reveal, but hopefully you'll think it's worth it! ;)


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