Hey Hive!

Miss Jet Setter here, so excited to be writing my first post for the 'bee!  I've been lurking in the shadows since '09 when my best friend and MOH K was getting ready to tie the knot and have followed the stories of some great bees before me - I'm so glad to have been chosen as one of the hive!  I received my welcome e-mail from Mrs. Mouse last week just before bed and jumped out of bed (and my skin) to tell Mr. Jet the good news!  Speaking of Mr. Jet, let's see that gorgeous guy, shall we? (All photos personal)
Spent my birthday last year with my favorite guys - Mr. Jet and the Red Sox. ;)
The Jets atop the Space Needle back in 2010 - wicked windy up there!
I work in quality assurance (perfectionist much?) for a national leather handbag company based out of Massachusetts and Mr. Jet works in human services as a case manager.  He's also studying to become a licensed therapist.

We are fun-loving, goofy people with a sentimental streak and deep roots in our Southcoast, MA area.  (shoutout to Miss Panda, Ms. P'Chips, Mrs. Zebra, Mrs. Corn, Mrs. Beanstalk, Mrs. Gloss and the rest of my fellow New England brides!)  I love musical theater, karaoke nights, Volkswagens, Harry Potter, quoting 90s Saturday Night Live, the trashiest television you can think of, celebrity gossip, a really great tinted moisturizer, whale boat rowing with my year-round rowing club, anything involving cheese and Elvis Costello.  Mr. Jet is a fantastic local musician and painter with more talent in his little toe than most in their whole bodies!  He loves growing a fabulous beard, the Vine video app, craft beer, vintage guitars, Portuguese food, painting in his little home studio and making me laugh until my sides hurt.  We’re an adventurous and creative couple who love each other to the moon…and back.  I seriously cannot wait to be this guy’s wife, you guys!

As a bearded Beetlejuice ( Mr. Jet refused to shave it) and Lydia Deetz last Halloween.
We met at a mutual friend's wedding back in May 2007 and slowly found our way to each other by October of that same year.  We're getting married in October of this year, just two days after our 6th anniversary.

We've been co-habitating for almost 5 years with our darling chihuahua-mix, Bruce Banner:
Bruce is thrilled that mom and dad are finally making it official!
We are planning a rustic barn wedding with modern twists in Westport, MA.  Our families, friends from all walks of life and co-workers make up our 160 guest celebration filled with good food, good wine, good music and good times!  I look forward to sharing all of our planning with the hive!


Miss Jet

P.S. Why Miss Jet Setter, you ask?  First of all, who doesn't love that cute little suitcase icon??  Secondly, my job ensures that my passport gets quite the workout, traveling at least once a year to Asia with some domestic travel peppered in from time to time to NYC and beyond.  I've also traveled to England (twice!), Hawaii, Seattle, Chicago, all up and down the East Coast and look forward to adding Mexico to the map for our honeymoon!

Mr. Jet and I after a snorkel in Hanauma Bay on Oahu Island. Ulgh, can someone just transport me back there NOW?!

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