I grew up in an antique shop.  Not really, but my house always felt like one. I remember playing with old metal cars and trucks as a kid and a vintage Playskool barn that my grandmother kept in her attic.  

My family has always appreciated antiques and they've always taken really good care of their stuff.  A lesson I learned too well, as I freak out when I break a plate I bought for $3 at Ikea.

A few weeks ago, my dad and I went to the Brimfield Fair - the country's largest outdoor antique festival that runs for three weeks in May, July and September.  I, having wedding on the brain constantly, had a few ideas of things I could keep an eye out for - a card box, vintage wine bottles or crates, or some cool signage.

Brimfield is about an hour and half away from our town, so we hit the road at 6am to get a good parking spot and first dibs on the early bird deals. (All photos are personal)
Brimfield at an ungodly hour. Hardly anyone there yet!
We trolled well over 100 vendor stalls over the next 5 hours or so and while my dad kept hitting the great deals, all I stumbled upon was crap like this:
These frighten me to the depths of my soul.
I was feeling a little disheartened until I spotted a stall with vintage milk crates stacked to the top of the tent.  There were tons of beautiful wood and metal crates with old local business logos etched on the sides.  I sifted through a few, and spotted this guy filled with wooden frames:
Ta-Da!  In the eleventh hour, I found our cardbox?  Not sure exactly how I'll set this up yet, but it's a great mix of modern and rustic with it's satin wood and galvanized steel frame.  I can't wait to incorporate this onto one of our tables, it'll add depth and character as our guests arrive to our reception spot!  What would you do with this guy?


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