So the ring came in nearly a month later and, on the night Mr. Jet picked it up, he drops a text on my telling me he has it at band practice and all the guys in the band think it's SooOoOoO pretty....


Now I know he has the ring and he's just torturing me for his sick pleasure!  

A few weeks later, I was packing up for a two-week business trip to China and I shared with Mr. Jet that I was a little relieved he didn't propose before I left - imagine how hard it would be to be proposed to then shipped off to a foreign country for two weeks?!

After a very pregnant pause, Mr. Jet revealed that he was going to propose at the airport in just a few hours when he dropped me off for the trip.


He quickly added that he had another, better idea for later down the road but it was too late, I was already in tears claiming, "I RUINED IT!  I RUINED EVERYTHING!  I AM LITERALLY THE WORST!"  (Is anyone else noticing my uncanny resemblance to Lucy van Pelt??)

Thankful for Mr. Jet's uncanny ability to talk me down from any ledge, I finished packing and the we arrived at Logan Airport the next morning before dawn.  

As we hugged goodbye, Mr. Jet told me I hadn't ruined anything at all - and that I was far from the worst.


No matter the conversation the night before, Mr. Jet was determined to send me off to China has his fiancée - come hell or high (tearful) water!  I, obviously, said yes and spent the next two weeks without a phone or Facebook to share the news. (THERE IS NO FACEBOOK IN CHINA, HOW AWFUL IS THAT?!) I did manage to send out a quick text and photo to my close friends and family and Mark broke the news on his Facebook page. 

The next few weeks in China went by really quickly and I shared the news with all of my colleagues there, however I did feel terribly lonely that I wasn't able to celebrate with my brand new fiancé!  By the time I got to Hong Kong on my way home, I had so many "likes" and "comments" and that lonely hotel room was filled with the love of all of my people back in the States.  I returned to Mr. Jet with the biggest bear hug and plans for a special dinner to celebrate our news.

The only background I had to use was the carpeting in Logan Airport. Look at that mani though! ;) / Personal photo

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