After Nana pronounced us man and wife, this happened:
We were then whisked away to sign our marriage license and take the rest of our bridal party photos (which I've already shared) and our family photos.

Take a peek:
After all of our formal portraits were done, my new *husband* and I snuck around the back of our venue and upstairs to our prep area.  At this point, my stomach was yelling at me to put something in it so I found this random busboy and pulled out my "I AM THE BRIDE" card and asked him to find us some appetizers to nosh on while the cocktail hour finished up.

Boy, (no pun intended) did he deliver.
(Guest photo)
I'm proud to announce that Mr. Jet and I housed that ENTIRE plate of apps in record time.  Lest you forget, our passed appetizers were Spanikopita, Sea scallops wrapped in bacon, Crab-stuffed mushrooms and see that tiny, tiny cup?  OH YEAH, THAT IS A TINY CUP OF CLAM CHOWDER.  It was topped with a skewered clam cake.  (Don't know what a clam cake is?  A.  I feel sorry for you.  B. Read about them here!)

Damn, I wish I could pull that bride card out anytime I wanted.
Photos (unless otherwise noted) by James F. Reilly

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