When I first started envisioning our wedding, the part that really got me pumped up was ours and our bridal party's big entrance.  And looking back, this was the moment when I was really able to just let. it. go.  

The nervous energy surrounding the ceremony and all of my fears about rain, Nana coughing mid-ceremony (okay, this was her fear...she was driving me nuts) and only dogs being able to hear my vows as I spun into a hysterical crying fit disappeared and the rest just felt so easy and fun.  People would eat.  People would dance.  And if they don't, who cares...we're MARRIED!  

I wanted the energy to come bounding out, so our DJ cranked "Your My Best Friend" by Queen as our besties enterered the room.
MOH K catches a Saturday Night Fevah.
JBM A and JGM R realize they've never heard of Queen.
The group gets together and gets ready for the bride and groom!
Photos (unless otherwise noted) by James F. Reilly

Next on The NewlyJets: I make a very Oprah-like entrance, according to my family.
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