After the bridal party settled into the reception, it was our turn to make our (second) big entrance of the day...our official announcement as Mr. and Mrs.!

Mr. Jet and I wanted our entrance song to surprise everyone.  Something fun.  Something upbeat.  Something...totally random.

The first 0:24 seconds of this song crack me up so hard, to this day.  A huge laugh erupted from the crowd as we interpretive-danced and lip-synced our way through our friends and family as newlyweds.  Any Yes fans out there?  Does this song make you jam as hard as we did?
"I'm the only person clapping...aren't I?"
This, according to my family, was my Oprah moment.
This, according to him, was Mr. Jet's Paul McCartney moment.
"DJ Frank, if you don't cut off the music...she's just gonna keep dancing."
Photos (unless otherwise noted) by James F. Reilly

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