Right after our first dance, our guests were seated so Mr. Jet and I could have a dance with two of the people who helped us get to where we are! 

First up, Daddy Jet and I took the floor to Lulu's "To Sir With Love"
"I've never danced with my dad before...is this gonna be weird?"
"Eh, not so bad"
Pretty sure he told a "dad joke" here.
"Love you, dad!"
My dance with Daddy Jet was short, sweet and filled with "dad jokes" told only the way he can.  

Next up was Mr. Jet's dance with his momma.  He chose "In My Life" by The Beatles.
She was so proud of her boy!
Nothing like a mom and her son to make you tear up, no?!
I'm pretty sure Mr. Jet told his mom a dirty joke to lessen the sappiness.
"Thanks for everything, mom. Love you!"
Are you hungry yet?  Because we certainly were!  Dinner was next, and not a moment too soon!
Photos (unless otherwise noted) by James F. Reilly

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