Today, Mr. Jet and I celebrate our 6 year anniversary.

I still remember the night he asked me to be his "girlfriend" - I was working for a local newspaper and we hosted a film festival at the Whaling Museum.  He met up with me at the end of the festival and said he'd like to take things further.  He asked me to be his - exclusively.  For some reason, I think the word exclusive is hilarious.

My response?

"Yes, I will be exclusive ::giggle::...with you ::giggle::...exclusively."

So began the Jets.
Since our first date was dinner and Rhode Island's Jack O'Lantern Spectacular, we re-enact it each year in the middle of October along with a decadent French meal at one of our favorite restaurants in Providence, Pot au Feu (if you're ever in town, A. give me a call! and B. GO HERE for some of the best French food you'll ever have!).  It was important to us to have some time to regroup and celebrate "us" and our 6 years together amidst all of the crazy last-minute planning and prepping.  It's so often we lose sight of the end game when we're really in the thick of it, don't you agree?

Wanna see my favorite pumpkins from last night?
Zombie Penguins!
Mount Rushmore!
Anyone else re-enact a favorite date or anniversary celebration?  I'm a sucker for tradition....


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