As I've previously mentioned, I work for a handbag company based out of New England.  To say my handbag collection is larger than the average woman's would be something of an understatement:
A mere portion of the goods. / Personal Photo
Since I have access to either beg, borrow or steal just about anything my handbag-loving heart desires - I've been debating with myself regarding the need to carry one at all.  While I admit it could make for some amazing, dramatic photos...
Oh my gorgeous?! / Image via Etsy
...I really hate the idea of having to keep tabs on a clutch the entire night.  Can't I just stick a tissue and some lipstick into my bra and call it a day??

I ask of my brides who came before me, did you carry a purse?  If so, did it drive you nuts?  If not, did you really miss it at all?

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