Escort cards are an annoying, yet critical part of wedding planning.  While we briefly (I mean, briefly) toyed with the idea of open seating, I soon said to myself, "Miss you really trust that people will evenly distribute themselves throughout this venue in such a casual way that they just so happen to sit with precisely the right number of family members/friends/colleagues?"

Miss Jet quickly responded, "Oh, hell no."

Thus was born the need for escort cards.  I wanted to avoid the old tent-card-on-a-table standby and visited my trusty frenemy, Pinterest, for inspiration and fell in love with the hand-written shipping tags on a framed board:
These are wrapped with washi tape too - such an inexpensive and cute idea! / Image via I Do It Yourself
I quickly mentioned the finished board here, but I wanted to get the board pre-tacked as I wait for my wonderful sis, MOH J, to hand-write all of escort tags.  

I have to briefly interrupt this post to share something personal.  I have a confession to make, hive.  As crafty as some of you may believe me to be - I have a dirty, little secret. 

I'm left-handed.


So glad that's off my chest.  I'm a calligrapher's NIGHTMARE, you guys.  My handwriting is that of an old man.  I write in all caps. I smudge absolutely everything I write.  And there was NO WAY in hell I would ever trust myself to hand-write my escort tags - so big ups to MOH J AGAIN for coming through on this one.

Like I was saying, as I wait for the finished tags to roll in, I decided to pre-pin the board so that the finished tags can just be slipped on upon arrival.  I wish I could be okay with the Pinterest-y, non-chalant, seemingly haphazard look shown above, but I am just way to anal for that shizz...
Yes, I hand-spaced every tag.  Yes, I'm crazy.  Yes, I'm okay with it.  Yes, the rest of these photos are personal.

We did end up with more tags than room on the board, so I created two-smaller contrasting boards with different fabric to sit alongside the larger frame.  It will definitely add some visual interest and depth to our escort table - so all's well that ends well!

And here are the finished boards!
Here's the large board that now houses 44 of our 76 tags.
Here is the smaller board which will hold 16 each of the remaining 32 tags.

How are you doing your escort cards?  I'd love to see!


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