You can thank Barney Stinson for that one, hive.

I do love seeing Mr. Jet in a suit, which happens very infrequently as both he and and I have jobs where a more casual day-to-day look is accepted.  Whenever there's an occasion where I get to see Mr. Jet "suit up", I get a little giddy - our wedding day will absolutely be no exception!

Mr. Jet currently has one black suit that he wears for every wedding, funeral or fancy event.  He also has a navy blazer that makes him look like a fishing captain - totally hot.

For the wedding, he wanted to take a practical approach by buying a suit, versus renting a tuxedo.  This not only made sense from a "I can keep this forever" standpoint, but also allowed Mr. Jet much more variety in terms of style and color.  We also had our guys in mind, as we'd rather they put their money towards something they can own instead of having to return it come Monday morning!  The difference between an average tuxedo rental and the suit we eventually ordered was only $40, so it truly seemed like an economical choice for everyone.

Mr. Jet and I had always thought a grey suit would look great and fit perfectly with our theme so we visited our local Men's Wearhouse and Mr. Jet was actually fitted for this suit:
Where is the rest of this man's face? I do not know. / Image via Men's Wearhouse
The suit both looked and felt great on Mr. Jet - but with a $249 price tag, we weren't sure we felt comfortable asking our guys to contribute that much.  (Ladies, what do you think of this?  I've been asked to pay this price and even higher for a bridesmaid's dress - why is the expectation so typically different for men?)  Anyway, we put this idea on hold, and visited a local formalwear shop called Main Street Formals

As luck would have it, they had a nearly identical, charcoal-grey three-piece suit for around $90 less than the MW equivalent.  Mr. Jet tried on the jacket and it looked fab on him!  He said he felt great in it - and with a lesser price tag, felt even better about asking the guys to invest in it as well.  Once all the guys finish their fittings (which had BETTER be soon, Mr. Jet!! ;)), the suits will be officially on order.

We did manage to accomplish something at MW without wasting our associate's time - we found ties for Mr. Jet and all the guys as well as a snappy pair of suspenders for Mr. Jet.

Check out the guys' get-up!! (All photos below personal)
The guys will be able to rent the ivory shirt at no extra cost from Main Street Formals. We're not doing white shirts - don't want my ivory dress lookin' dingy!
Mr. Jet will stand out from the crew with these suspenders and a different colored bout.
Being an art student, color complementation was important to Mr. Jet. The colors in the tie will complement the girls' green dresses very nicely!
Can't wait to see Mr. Jet all gussied up for our wedding day - love my handsome guy!!


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