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I always say that I met Mr. Jet at the perfect time in my life.  I was out of college, on the hunt for a "grown-up" job but really enjoying my time as a young adult coming into my own.  Mr. Jet is older than I am, and since I've always heard that women mature faster than men, was in a similar place in his life as well.  I've never been a believer in fate necessarily, but there are some very strange facts that link Mr. Jet and me in ways that I don't think I'll ever really understand or be able to explain.  I always ask myself, "Why did we meet now, not years ago?", "What brought us together after that wedding?", "Did our paths ever cross before then?"

Here are the facts...

  • Mr. Jet grew up in the city we live in now.  I grew up in a smaller town "across the bridge" (think Capeside, a la Dawson's Creek - omg, Pacey.  LOVED him!).  Mr. Jet's city always got a bad rap from the kids in my town, and we hardly ever ventured over the bridge for fear that we'd encounter some crazy, evil shit.  We stayed on our side, they pretty much stayed on their side even though my house and Mr. Jet's house were only four miles apart!
  • Mr. Jet dated a good friend of b'maid V for several years, and about a year after I started dating Mr. Jet, I started working at my current job - where Mr. Jet's ex was a design assistant!
  • Mr. Jet's best friend in college (BM K) was best friends with my sister in high school (MOH J)!
  • And the real kicker??  Mr. Jet attended a Catholic school from the 1st to the 8th grades and one of his best friends throughout that entire 8 years?  MY FUTURE STEP-BROTHER!  After Mr. Jet and I started dating seriously enough to broach the subject of my "boyfriend" to my parents, my step-mom asked his name.  When I told her, she said, "Mr. Jet --- from such-and-such catholic school?"  We all put two and two together and realized that Mr. Jet spent many afternoons and weekends at my step-mother's house before she met my father!

It's just all too weird, right hive?  When Mr. Jet and I were getting to know each other, we talked a lot about our pasts and the type of kids and teenagers we were.  While I was the poster child for sobriety and good grades and serving as president of both my French AND Drama clubs, Mr. Jet was skateboarding, skipping school and smoking pot with his minions.  I soon realized, Mr. Jet would've been THAT guy - the one I rolled my eyes at in the hallway for being such a deadbeat.  I was judgmental, he was apathetic.  Boy, have we changed.  While he's still somewhat the laid-back guy he's always been and I'm still the judgmental girl rolling my eyes at "hoodlums", as adults we just work.  And it's our common goals and desires in life that make us perfect for each other now, and in our futures.

Again I say, I met him at the right time.  I don't know why and I'll never know how - but if I've ever believed that anything has ever happened for a reason, this was certainly that thing.

Anyone out there believe in some sort of fate?  Meet your mate at "just the right time?"


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