(Was anyone else out there as obsessed with the movie Clueless as I was?)

Well hive, I've been around for a few months now and have done approximately ZERO posts about my ring!

Before Mr. Jet popped le question, we did the casual shop-around for rings so I could give him an idea of what I wanted.

I showed him photos from my "secret wedding stuff" file (come on, we all had those pre-engagement!), but we actually ended up picking my ring out together at a local family jeweler one night after a few scorpion bowls at Gumbo Chinese Restaurant!  Oops! ;)

Prior to this night, Mr. Jet and I had an open conversation about his ring budget (I wanted to have a realistic idea of what he felt good about spending and since our finances are linked pretty tightly already, we both felt the conversation was appropriate) and worked with the jeweler to create exactly what I wanted - under budget!!  Hey-o!

A few months later, we went back to that same local jeweler to purchase our wedding bands (yes, we've had our wedding bands for over a year!)

I pulled them out of Daddy Jet's safe yesterday for a photo shoot: (all photos personal)
Oh hey, baby girl! Nice to see you again!
Mr. Jet's Tungsten Carbide band and my White Gold/Diamond band.
I have to add that since Mr. Jet was not present during this photo shoot, Daddy Jet offered to hand model for him.  (Please note: there is a running joke about how gifted Mr. Jet is in the "hair" department - every good Portuguese man is!)  Daddy Jet decided this would be a more accurate representation of Mr. Jet:
I'm pretty sure Daddy Jet is just jealous.
Absolutely cannot wait to get these rings on our fingers for good!

Is your SO hairy too?  What do YOUR rings look like?


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