One of the reasons I chose Miss Jet Setter as my Weddingbee moniker was because my job requires me to travel quite a few times a year.  I also make at least one annual trip to China, where a well-packed carry-on is essential for both my physical and mental health.  How I manage to survive a 15-hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong, I’ll never truly understand.  Needless to say, I’ve become very good at packing my entire life away into very small spaces to maximize efficiency and minimize the amount of “stuff” I am dragging behind me through airports all over the world.  (Sidenote:  Mr. Jet LOVES this quality in me, I never over pack!)

Since I’m applying the same principles to packing for our Mexican Honeymoon, I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks for the efficient traveler!

First, I’ll tackle what to wear!

When traveling, especially for long distances, it’s so important to make sure you are physically comfortable.  There is nothing worse than the button of your jeans digging into your seatbelt and stomach halfway through an 8-hour flight!  

Here are some of my favorite pieces to travel in:

Compression Leggings – Leggings aren’t only crazy comfortable; they are also beneficial to your circulatory system.  Although I’m no medical professional, I’ve read and spoke to my doctor about the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) while traveling since I spend a lot of time on airplanes.  DVT can be caused by remaining in a seated position for an extended period of time.  The blood in your legs must work much harder to re-circulate itself back through your heart, so it slows down and can pool in the lower half of your body and potentially cause a clot. By wearing compression leggings (these can be found in any athletic section) and tight socks, it helps keep your blood circulating and may decrease the risk of DVT and will also cut down on leg and ankle swell (which happens to me when I fly long distances).  ***Again, my advice is not professional medical advice – but you may find it worth noting and discussing with your doctor if you have concern!***

Thick, Tight Socks – These can come in handy for the reasons I listed above, but they will also keep your feet warm on those cold, sterile airplanes.

Tank Top – I swear by the shelf-bra tanks from Express, but any tank or undershirt will be helpful for layering.  We’re going from chilly Fall in Boston to warm sun in Mexico.  You bet I’ll be ditching my layers once we land in Cancun!  I usually wear at least one more shirt over the tank in case the plane gets really cold!

Flats or Slip-On Shoes – I always take my shoes off on the airplane to get comfortable, so it’s much easier when I don’t have to combat with shoelaces.  I usually opt for sandals or casual flats.

Wrap Sweater – I have an oversized wrap sweater from Loft that I bought years ago and it’s one of my favorite pieces to travel with.  It’s fashionable yet casual and big enough that I can open it up to nearly blanket sized to cover myself throughout the flight.  If you are uncomfortable with using airline-provided pillows or blankets, this is a must!

Next up, what to pack in your carry-on!

A rare, and very random, photo of a traveling Miss Jet sitting in front of Mr. Jet on our way to Hawaii last Fall for MOH J's wedding taken by one of our friends.

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