Whenever I travel (whether it's a 3 or 15 hour flight), I always pack a carry-on.  For short trips, I try to pack everything into my carry-on so I don't have to deal with the hassle of checking baggage and waiting to pick it up once I've arrived at my destination.

My favorite carry-on piece?
Image via Amazon - Delsey Helium SuperLight Spinners 2-Wheel Trolley Tote
I have this travel piece in Purple (so cute!) and it packs so much in a very tiny space.  I purchased mine at my local Marshall's a few years ago and have never been happier with a piece of luggage!  It's light, easy to maneuver, and fits just about anywhere.

So, what goes into Miss Jet's carry-on, you ask?  

Here's what!

    • Google Nexus 7 Tablet & Bluetooth Keyboard (& their chargers) - This has all but replaced my laptop for work travel, it has absolutely everything I need to watch movies, play games, check and reply to e-mails, blog(!), listen to music and much more.  It has built-in Wi-Fi, a mini-usb port for transferring files from my home computer, holds a great charge and is super fast.  Can't say enough good things about this tablet!  (Coming from an Apple user, this says a lot!)
    • Amazon Kindle - I can very easily use the Kindle App on my tablet, but I cannot stand the glare that comes from reading off of a computer screen.  I love my e-ink Kindle, my eyes never get tired and it holds a charge for nearly 2 months so I don't even have to carry the charger with me when I travel!  Plus, it's great for beach reading in the bright sun!
    • Passport/Tickets/Cell Phone/House Keys, Etc. - I always keep a travel wallet with my passport, all tickets, hotel/car reservations, cash, alternate form of ID, any credit cards I bring, my AAA card, health insurance card, and any other incidentals containing personal/travel information.  I keep it in a safe place with my cell phone (and its charger!) and my house key.
    • Snacks - Every airline is different, but NEVER expect to be fed on a flight, no matter how long or short!!  On my flights to China - they feed us three separate times, but on my flight from Chicago to Hawaii last year, they only came around ONCE with a baggie of pretzels.  Everything else they offered was sold at a very inflated price.  I usually bring some trail mix, a piece of fruit, string cheese or other small snacks that fill me up and don't take up a lot of space.  Word to the wise, try to avoid eating super salty foods - as they will cause bloat and swelling at high altitudes.
    • Gum - This is mostly for the landing and take-off to prevent blocked ears, but sitting on a plane for any length of time is bound to do something funky to you or your neighbor's breath.  If a stranger is breathing hard near you, offer them a piece.  This will help you both in the long run! ;)
    • Neck Pillow - A neck pillow could very easily change your life on an airplane.  I use mine nearly the entire flight and move it around to prevent a stiff neck.  Plus, it’s great if you’re in a window seat and can lean on it for a quick nap.
    • Headphones – This one seems like a given, but I’ve nearly forgotten my headphones on a quite a few trips.  I usually bring a spare pair as well, in case something happens to the first one.  Instead of using those lousy airplane-provided set, plug these right into your in-flight entertainment for better sound overall.
    • Magazines – I’m one of the many people who need celebrity gossip to survive and mid-air on a flight with no Wi-Fi, I still need my fix.  Having a few favorite mags on a flight is a lifesaver, especially during take-off and landing when your electronics need to be switched off.  I need entertainment at all times and I’ll be damned if I miss out on what Princess Kate wore last Tuesday during a stroll with the new baby king.
    • Portable Medicine Cabinet – I rarely get sick while traveling, but if/when I ever do, I have to be prepared!  I usually carry some Aleve, Vitamin C, Nasal Spray, Tums and Chapstick – just in case!
    • A Change of Clothing – My luggage has never been lost on a trip ::knock on wood!:: but I usually carry one change of clothing in case I ever get separated from my luggage for a day or two.  For my honeymoon, I’m also throwing in a bikini so we can get right to business when we arrive at the resort in case our room isn’t ready yet!
    • Pen – Again, this one might seem super obvious, but for international flights when you’re required to fill out immigration information, this will come in handy just before landing.  Also, a lot of in-flight magazines have Sudoku or Crossword Puzzles that will keep you occupied too.

    So now you’ve got some of my best travel secrets and hopefully will surprise your SO with your crazy organized travel attire and carry-on bag!  Anything I didn’t cover?


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