Let's chat about underwear, shall we?  Let's chat about how awkwardly clueless Miss Jet is on the topic of lingerie while we're at it.

(Photos slightly NSFW, view at your own risk, homies!)
Is this "in"? I don't even... / Image via Skip to the End
Okay, I'm not that clueless...but I really have a hard time buying and shopping for lingerie!  I always ask Mr. Jet for some input (it's really all for him anyway!), but he always says white cotton undies do the trick just fine (TMI? Sorry.).

I am a busty, lusty gal so I've got that going for me (NLN - no lingerie needed!), but I want to really wow Mr. Jet on our Mexican honeymoon.  So ladies who've reached the promise land before me, how did you excite your guy?!  Any tips or suggestions for this clueless almost-newlywed?  Should I just go full Princess Leia in a Gold Bikini, or what?
Will this do the trick? / Image via Good Reads

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