I've always been a really sentimental girl who LOVED my family and friend traditions - watching Home Alone every Christmas, midnight line-ups for EVERY Harry Potter book and movie, my annual anniversary date to the Jack O'Lantern spectacular with Mr. Jet.  I just love that there are some things in life that will always hold a special meaning to me no matter how far I look back.  I could go on all day about my favorite traditions, but this is a wedding blog, people!  

Time to segue...

It seems as though even the most traditional of brides are ditching some of these outdated traditions.  I made a list of the most popular ones and talked with Mr. Jet about which ones were important for us to keep, and which we've decided to send off to greener pastures.
TRADITION #1: The Cake Smash / Image via Meals and Miles
This tradition doesn't bother me too much because Mr. Jet has a huge beard and smooshing frosting into it sounds kind of fun.  He, on the other hand, will probably accidentally assault me with a fingernail or something.  Still, it is a funny, entertaining way to cut the cake before serving it to guests and we are their entertainment for the day!

The Verdict: Let's do it - You only live once, and it may be the only chance I get to even taste the cake!
TRADITION #2: The Bouquet Toss / Image via MyDeeJay - Photo by A Britton Photography
The bouquet toss has always, ALWAYS frightened me.  I've literally backed into walls, bathrooms, and accidentally onto someone's lap to just avoid them.  They're embarrassing and make single ladies seem so desperate!  Even the thought of being the tosser v. the tossee makes my armpits sweat.

The Verdict: Hell no - sorry single ladies!
TRADITION #3: The Rice/Sparkler/Bubble Exit / Image via Luster Studios
The traditional rice exit has morphed into so much more these days, with tons of brides doing both ceremony and reception exits with sparklers, bubbles, flower petals or even wish lanterns.  This tradition, while great in theory, can easily be overlooked or not quite communicated well to guests, which could make for one sad exit!

The Verdict: Doubtful - If we were doing a daytime wedding with a specific end time, I'd entertain this tradition, but we want to party hardy into the night alongside our guests - no leaving early for the Jetsetters!
TRADITION #4: The Line Dance / Image via Mystic DJs
As I type this, I have the Electric Slide in my head and may also be singing it out loud to Bruce as he looks back at me in horror.  Oh, the line dance.  As a kid, I used to love the Macarena, the Electric Slide (parts I and II!), the Cupid Shuffle and the Cotton Eyed Joe, which always used to give me a terrible cramp in my right leg.  These days, the line dances seem to be going the way of the buffalo, as they seem just so outdated and overplayed.

The Verdict: Nah - If our guests want to dance, they'll have to settle for our amazing Janet Jackson megamix.
TRADITION #5: The Dollar Dance / Image via JL Entertainment
The dollar dance, while present across many cultures and fairly widely accepted at modern weddings, just seems a little over the top.  While I understand the concept of showering the new couple (especially if they are very young and really just starting their adult lives) as generously as you can to help them start their lives together, I think it's much too much to ask people to shell out their cash for a few seconds on the dance floor with the bride and groom on top of the shower and wedding gifts they've already given - not to mention the cost of travelling for out of town guests!  

The Verdict: No way - I can't justify this one at all.  

What are your thoughts - any of these traditions worth your while?  Part II, coming up!

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