The next day after the bachelorette, my ladies hosted a lovely brunch shower for me back in our hometown.  All of my favorite women were there from both sides of my family and from Mr. Jet's!  I was spoiled with amazing gifts and great food and the company of some truly awesome people.
Can I EVER make a normal face in a photo?  I'm pretty sure the answer is no.
The shower had a nautical theme, check out that cake from my step-mom!!  There were little seaside touches everywhere and MOH J even worked (ENDLESSLY, SHE WILL SAY!) on the perfect playlist.  A little Steely Dan, a little Michael McDonald - yacht rock at its finest!
BM E pulled out her iPad for a high-tech 'thank you' card list for me!  These girls really thought of everything.
Here I am, receiving a toasted from my step-bro and his family.  I should be a Cuisinart model, look at that smile! ;)
A very hungover Mr. Jet shows up to help load up the gifts!
Me and my gorgeous maids!  I sure know how to pick 'em, don't I?  

Thanks again ladies for the best estrogen-fest New England as ever seen!


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