Last weekend, MOH J and my fabulous b'maids threw a bachelorette/shower extravaganza for yours truly!

It was a fun-filled, awesome weekend spent with my favorite girls on the planet and I'm so grateful to be surrounded by ladies who've helped me through my worst and celebrated me at my best.

Friday afternoon, MOH J flew in from Atlanta and we got the party started by heading to our rented house in Newport, RI. (All Photos Personal!)
"Sisters, sisters - there were never such devoted sisters!"
We kept Friday night pretty low-key by going to eat at my favorite restaurant, Salvation Cafe.  We also made our way over to Newport Slots where I won $80 on a $0.20 bet and cashed in to avoid losing it all!  We stopped at the local "Cumby's" for some late-night snacks and hit the hay.

Saturday morning, MOH J and I hit downtown Newport for breakfast and some serious retail therapy!
Keepin' it real...nautical. It is New England, after all.
That afternoon, all of my bridesmaids and some special lady-friends headed down to Newport to start the party.
This is my, "I love this party so hard!" face.
All the ladies were instructed to bring a food/drink item and an activity.  BM C's activity was her extensive make-up, hair and nail polish collection!  She gave makeovers and gave me a drunk manicure later that night!
One bridesmaid couldn't make the trip - BM V from Jacksonville.  Luckily, she was able to Skype call in to join in on some of the fun!  We make the same exact faces, no matter how many miles there are in between!
Here we are, the hottest Newport hoodlums chillin' on the corner of Friends Drive.  From L to R: Ladyfriend A, Ladyfriend K, BM M, MOH K, Miss Jet, BM E, BM C, Ladyfriend M and MOH J.
During our (unsuccessful) hunt for the beach access road, MOH J wanted some artsy shots of me twirling in my veil.  This is the best she got.  I was already a few drinks in.
More menaces to society crowding the safe streets of Newport.  This was the portion of the evening where I could not get myself off of this ledge and needed assistance from BM E.
We all headed back inside for taco dinner, tarot card readings, drunk manis, champagne, gossip and a VERY scandalous game of "Never Have I Ever!"

It was the best bachelorette Miss Jet could've ever asked for - so lucky these ladies are in my life!

Next up, my shower!


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