While we completely expected several of our guests to decline our invitation, I couldn't help but take it personally when I saw a, "Sorry, party on without us!" response in my mailbox.

Mr. Jet and I invited 170 guests and have received 38 declines - which is a 22% decline rate.  I've read everywhere that 20% is the average number of declines a couple will receive for a medium-sized wedding so we fall just over that average.  

With 132 guests attending, we are a bit lower than our anticipated count of 150 and I can't help but feel a little bummed that more people won't be there to celebrate with us.  While the rational side of me completely and utterly understands that time, travel, money, work and a whole slew of other things often get in the way of even the best laid plans, the bride inside is sort of whining like a little bitch.  Down bitch, down.

At this point, I need to get over it and focus on the 132 AMAZING people who will be there with us to share in our big day and let go of the bride inside.

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