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We all now how weddings can make us all a little cray-cray - never mind those of us who are cray-cray on the regular, right?

I'm having some pre-wedding vendor freak-outs, yo!  For no reason.

None of my vendors have given me any reason to believe they won't deliver on my big day, but seeing as though I booked most of them over a YEAR ago, not having constant contact with them has me biting my nails WAY more than I usually do!

It's really hard to have booked vendors so far in advance and have them tell me that we don't need to meet up until about a month before the wedding to start hashing out details.  What about all the many months in between?  

For example, I emailed my DJ a few days ago "just to say hi!"  When really I emailed him "just to make sure he hadn't gone out of business and sailed away with my deposit and all my hopes and dreams!"

(He totally emailed me back within like, an hour).

PLEASE tell me some of you out there have experienced this unfounded stress?!


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