After hitting up my local Joann Fabric last weekend - I found some super cute modern fabrics in our wedding colors:  (all photos below personal)
My original vision for the wedding was "modern-rustic" and I felt like I was losing sight of the modern part and going a little too rustic.  When I found these fabrics though, I put them to quick work into our cardboard monogram letters and our escort card board.

Ahhhh, doesn't it feel SO GOOD to cross out items on your to-do list?!

Here's our escort card board:
The frame we've had since we moved into this apartment - it's been collecting cobwebs for 5 years, but I knew it had a purpose! I "upholstered" a trimmed Elmer's foam board with the Green/Ivory fabric and wedged it into the frame's lip. MOH J will be hand-writing (I am left-handed and cannot be trusted with such things) everyone's names and table numbers onto kraft colored shipping tags. They'll be pinned to the board for easy grabbing.
And my current most favorite thing ever...a set of our monogram letters!
I take NO credit for these, sadly! I bought the cardboard letters from Paper Source and gave some serious puppy dog eyes to some of my favorite ladies at work - the ladies who construct all of our handbag samples! They are phenomenal and I knew if they could do what they do with leather handbags, this would be a total breeze. They delivered and then some!
We're now under the two month mark and checking these little items off my list is absolutely euphoric!  RSVPS are now 50% in, my first dress alteration fitting went well and we're going for our marriage license tomorrow - things are really moving along for the Jets!

How's everyone else doing with their planning?  Get some great stuff checked off your lists lately?


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