Recently, I was chatting with Nana about my "somethings" and mentioned to her that I needed a something old.  

Her reply?

"What about me?  I'm old."


"What, it's true!"

::shakes head::

When I was a little girl, I used to love going through all of Nana's costume jewelry and trying on her seemingly endless collection of earrings, necklaces, rings and hair pins.

Oh, that reminds me!  Came across this gem awhile ago...
What even...? / Personal photo
I told her what I was looking for in terms of my wedding day jewelry, she pulled out the box of jewelry as usual, and we sifted through, on the hunt for a piece I could use as my something old.  When I pulled out a double-strand pearl necklace with rhinestone clasp out of its yellowing jewelry box, I just knew - it was perfect!  Pearls + Deco = Jackpot for Miss Jet!

This necklace also belonged to my great-grandmother, Grandma D'Arrezzo, whom I never had the chance to meet.  A nice way to carry on my heritage and honor another member of my family.
Gawwwgeous!! / Personal photo
So there we have it, folks!  My something OLD, NEW, BORROWED and BLUE!

What are your "somethings"?


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