When MOH J and I were little kids, our maternal grandmother used to show us her wedding photos from time to time and talk about the gorgeous silk and lace gown she wore the day she married our grandfather.  That dress was wrapped up in her closet, with a promise to my sister that she could wear it on her wedding day (seeing as though she was the oldest of my female cousins).  She always boasted that she felt like a movie star on her wedding day, with her handmade lace and nearly 10-foot train.  

"I was 90 pounds when I got married, then SIX kids later, good Lord!"  

When my grandmother passed away 6 years ago, I fetched the dress from her closet and sent it to MOH J in Seattle, honoring Grandma's wishes.  The dress as-is, was a little worse for wear and her 90 pound frame?  Yeah, good luck zipping that shit up said almost everyone ever!
The dress that started my family, untouched for years! / Personal Photo
While my sister loved the dress for it's very traditional style, she wanted to call upon her artistic, visionary side to create an entirely new piece suited to her personality.  Not to mention she got married on Oahu - hello?!  30 pound long-sleeved silk gown on a tropical island?!

MOH J consulted with Amanda, founder and designer for Twice Blushed - a "reconstructed bridal gown" boutique which specializes in bringing old gowns back to life with a modern, personal twist.  Amanda also believes in the green concept - as wedding dresses are made up of dozens of types of reusable materials that can be transformed into any bride's dream gown!

My sis worked with Amanda for months on a concept and re-design of our grandmother's dress, to maintain the integrity and beauty of the silk and lace while creating something so very "her" for her wedding day.  The final result was beyond breathtaking, check it out!
The silk looked brand new and all of the chiffon ribbons at the bottom were added for depth and flair! / Photography by Julia Sieber
Hard to believe those yards and yards of silk became this dress, eh?  MOH J and I both agreed that our sassy grandmother would more than approve of this - a nod to her generation with an expression of individuality.

After the dress was finished, MOH J had collected the leftover silk and lace from Amanda's shop and asked how I felt about having something made from grandma's dress as well.  Having purchased my dress complete with its own sash and really not liking the design of it, I asked if we could have Amanda make a sash from some of the materials left so that I could carry a piece of grandma with me on my wedding day as well.

A few phone calls and emails later, the plan was in place!  You'll all have to wait to see the finished result (I haven't even seen it yet, in case it makes you feel better!) - can't wait to share this project with you guys!

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