When it came to choosing favors for our wedding, Mr. Jet and I went through a BUNCH of ideas...
The ever-popular candy buffet? / Image via Mazel Moments
Espresso or coffee beans? / Image via Emmaline Bride
Mrs. Lovebug's Charity Chips idea? / Image via Weddingbee
We went through many iterations of the above ideas and several more before finally realizing, "Hey, our wedding has a vague wine theme - how about customized wine glasses?"
Chalkboard wine glasses, boom! / Image via Christy Robbins
We set out to our local Ikea to purchase 166 wine glasses (yeah, we got some "looks" as we cleared out the entire section).  But they were only $4.79 for 6 glasses, looks be damned - I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I also purchased some chalkboard paint and painter's tape and got to work - on my very first wedding fail.

No matter whose instruction I followed, or which type of paint I used - I could NOT GET THESE DAMN THINGS TO LOOK RIGHT.  I took no photos of this shameful, shameful time in my life.

Moving on.

When MOH J's Bestie, Kim entered the picture as another satellite graphic artist, she created a vector image of our little Portuguese rooster that I absolutely fell in love with.  I've been trying to find ways to incorporate the little guy other than just our paper suite.  It it me one day while I was "working" - OMG ETCH THE GLASSES WITH THE PORTUGUESE ROOSTER!

Next up, I'll show you how this:  (photos below personal)
Became this:

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