That lovely quote came courtesy of Daddy Jet.

But wait!

You know what that means, right?  Invites are rolling out and RSVPs are rolling in - I can finally reveal my invites to the world!! 

As I have previously mentioned (a lot), MOH J and Bestie K designed and screen-printed my invitations. My role in this whole shebang?  

Cut.  Print.  Stuff.  Tie.  Stamp.  Send.  

Needless to say, they were truly a labor of love birthed by all three of us.  To say we were all relieved once they hit the mailbox is a CRAZY understatement!  

Without further ado, here are my beauties: (all photos personal, personal info. blurred - sorry!)
TOP LEFT: the full folio as removed from the outer envelope., TOP RIGHT: the front of the outer envelope., BOTTOM: the wrapped return address on the back of the outer envelope.
LEFT: screen-printed invitation., RIGHT: three-tiered information/RSVP cards., BOTTOM RIGHT: hand-cut first-name tags set with white eyelets and tied with green and white twine.
NAVIGATE card: a custom map with twine-inspired highways, major city checkpoints and breakout of our venue's neighborhood.
UNWIND card: offers accommodations, wedding website and registry information for guests.
REPLY card: custom meal icons and pre-stamped moss envelope to finish the color accent.
Hive, these ladies are absolute ROCKSTARS!  My invitations are everything I wanted them to be and MORE, I have a lot of groveling to do (love you MOH J and Bestie K!!!!).  For now, I'll just show them off a little:
Bestie K and MOH J on their way to a Kansas concert. Yes, "Carry On, My Wayward Son"-style.
If you liked my invites and want to consult with these lovely gals or learn more about their design style, go ahead and email  

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