Another holiday season is descending upon us (rather quickly, huh?) and I thought there was no better way to get into the gift-giving spirit than by sharing the gifts Mr. Jet and I gave to our amazing families and attendants.  

If you're stumped on gifts for your girls and guys, maybe these ideas will inspire!

For the parents...
For all of our parents and Nana, we purchased 8x10 frames to match their home decor with an IOU for a printed wedding photo of their choosing.  We also took our parents out for a nice Portuguese feast the night after the wedding as an extra thank you for all of their support.

For the guys...
We bought each of the (adult!) guys one of their favorite craft brews, a ridiculously random bottle opener, and those sweet looking ties they're all rocking!  For the youngins, we paid for their attire and got them each a shiny new toy...never fails.

For Mark's brother, BM P, we changed it up and gifted him a handmade cigar box from Etsy seller, ScissorMill complete with a few of his favorite stogies.  Stogi?  (Image via ScissorMill)
For the ladies...
These gifts took me quite some time to put together and a lot of sneaky questions to my girls to find out their shoe sizes and favorite wines.  Sorry for the deceit, gals! ;)

They each got grey flip flops from Old Navy for when their feet got tired at the reception, a 4x6 frame with our IOU insert matching their home decor (from TJ Maxx/Marshalls), a mirror compact with their first name on it in our wedding colors from Etsy seller, It'sNotBusiness,It'sPersonal, a bottle of their favorite wine (which I deceptively asked them for under the guise of looking for wines to serve at the reception!), and a canvas tote bag with their first initial on it from Etsy seller, ilu.lily.

We could not truly ever thank them all enough for being a part of our special day, but I think booze and monograms were a great start.  

If you're looking for inspiration for your attendants, I definitely suggest finding a few key gifts and tailoring them to their liking or having their names or initials engraved.  This way, the gifts still felt really personal, but it kept Mr. Jet and I from searching every store for any and everything we thought each of them might like!  

Did you gift your bridal party?  What'd ya get 'em!?

**P.S. the Etsy shops listed above come HIGHLY recommended by Mrs. Jet Setter herself!  They were all amazing to work with, kudos to small business!!**

I love my family and friends and am always grateful when any of them are gracious enough to give me a gift, but when it comes to registering for shower and wedding gifts - I find myself at a dead end.

Mr. Jet and I have been living together for almost 5 years and since both of us can cook, we have almost every gadget, gizmo or whatchamacallit there is.  We are paying for our own honeymoon, so at first we thought we could do a honeymoon registry, but since we're going all-inclusive there really isn't much to register for.  A nice dinner on the beach?  Included.  A massage?  Included.  A bottle of tequila?  TOTALLY. INCLUDED.

We scratched that off our list, but what if people do want to give us a physical gift?  Do we chance it and end up with a hideous wall clock?  Or should we upgrade some of the stuff we already have with a small registry at C&B?