Holy Cow - I'm back...and married!!

When they say that your wedding really flies by, I never knew exactly how true that statement was until last Saturday.  I tried my best to really take it all in.  I took tons of mental photos and really LIVED each moment the best I could.  It didn't feel too much like a whirlwind, but by the end of the night, I was really aching for more.  More time.  More dancing.  More cake. :)

We literally (literally...like 30 minutes ago) just returned from our Mexican honeymoon so I'll be back when the wedding dust settles with recaps of both!

For now, my beloved Sox (who made it to the World Series the night of our wedding!!) and I leave you with this teaser courtesy of James F. Reilly Photography:
Yours Truly,

MRS. Jet Setter

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