Let me just start by saying I love a good New England accent.  Like a really good, Mark Wahlberg/Ben Affleck New England accent.  Not a God-awful Julianne-Moore-in-30-Rock accent.

This freakin' kills me:
Since I was a Communications/Journalism major in college - I've managed to regionally alienate my dialect, but catch me talking to my sister, or get me really mad and/or drunk and I sweah ta God, it just comes outta me, and theah's no stoppin' it.

Seriously, tangent over.

Guess what I got in the mail today?!
An invitation to my bridal shower, courtesy of MOH J!!  Since we're from the "Whaling City" and I have a love of all things nautical, she decided to give my shower a nautical theme!  Isn't that little school of fish totes precious?!

I am so excited for this event and for all the girls in my life to meet and enjoy a nice afternoon together!

Have you already had your shower?  Were you "wicked" excited, like me?

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