Okay, I'm about to get pretty bragadocious up in here...

Mr. Jet is a phenomenal artist.  He studied fine arts during his undergrad career and has created works such as this...
Mr. Jet messing around on his guitar in front of a large scale painting he created from an old family photo of himself and his parents. / Personal photo
How does this translate to wedding planning, you ask?  Great question!  Here's how...
Furrowed brows and all, total hottie. / Personal photo
"Mr. Jet...I need a really nice grey paint for my table number project!" - Miss Jet

"Okay babe, I'll mix these completely random colors and come out with the perfect neutral grey you are looking for!" - Mr. Jet


"Mr. Jet...see this cake topper idea on Etsy?  We can totally re-create this right?" - Miss Jet

"Totally, I have most of what we need already, just buy those tiny, wooden people." - Mr. Jet


"Mr. Jet...the girls are wearing these green dresses, do you want your tie to match?" - Miss Jet

"Nah, here is the complimentary palette you would've never thought of on your own that will look amazeballs with the girls' dresses and our venue and our entire theme." - Mr. Jet


I'm sure you get the idea, right?  Mr. Jet has been a HUGE help when it comes to these little details.  Sure, there are certain times when he lifts his eyes from the computer and just shoots me the "whatever-you-want-dear" look (i.e. coordinating postage stamps and my bridal manicure), but it makes me feel really good when he helps actively plan, and even craft!.  Makes it feel less like "my" wedding and more like "ours".  

Is your SO involved in your planning too

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