With less than 50...fifty...FIVE-OH(!!) days to go before the wedding - Mr. Jet and I crossed something very important off of our list today:

We applied for our Marriage License!  YAY!  We visited my hometown's Town Hall, paid our $20*, had a nice chat with the Town Clerk about handbags, and were on our way!

This is my "I had dental work done today and I'm clenching my teeth in pain" look.  This is Mr. Jet's "Why are we taking a photo of ourselves inside the Town Hall?" look.

*Yes, $20!  First, do some research in your state to see if you can apply for the license in any town within the state of your impending nuptials.  If that's the case, shop around to see which city or town hall has the best rate and the shortest wait time.  If we went to our local city hall, we'd have paid $45 and probably made to wait for a period of time.  At this, much smaller, town hall we waltzed right in and were the only ones there the entire time we filled out our paperwork!


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