Mr. Jet and I both grew up in the same area, just a town apart, into close families who valued weekends, holidays and birthdays spent together.  While Mr. Jet's paternal grandparents both died before he was born, he has great memories of his Avô and Avó (Portuguese for grandfather and grandmother) while growing up.

I grew up in the same town as my paternal grandparents, affectionately known as "Nana" and "Papa".  In case you haven't been following along, Nana is actually performing our ceremony!  We spent many a Sunday dinner at their house eating mashed turnip and carrot mixed (one of my fave vegetables!) and looking at old photos and doing table puzzles.  My maternal grandparents lived just two towns away (which felt like MILES when I was young!) and I spent so many weekends cooking and gossiping about neighbors with "Grandma Reilly" and watching Red Sox games with "Grandpa Reilly".

Since Nana is our only living grandparent between the two of us, it was really important to honor our deceased grandparents in a special way.  In addition to adding their names to a section of the program, we also collected some photos of them to display at our venue with a candle lit in their memory.

Without further ado, the Jet Setter Family Tree! (personal photos)
Here are my maternal grandparents - Grandma and Grandpa Reilly - on their wedding day.  Recognize the dress?
My paternal grandparents - Papa and Nana - also on their wedding day.  I would do ANYTHING for those glasses, Papa.  You were so far ahead of your time!
Mr. Jet's maternal grandparents.  I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Jet's grandmother a few years ago when she visited from Florida.  She was quite the firecracker at nearly 90 years old!  She grabbed my butt and told Mr. Jet's mother (in Portuguese) that she liked my shape - good for making babies.
Mr. Jet's paternal grandparents - who died in Portugal before Mr. Jet was born - with a special baby appearance by Mr. Jet's dad and uncle!

We had our final walk-through of the venue last week and think we found the perfect place to display these:
The sideboard here will be housing a beverage station so I'm thinking we hang one photo on each set of unused) cabinets.

Did you honor any relatives who are no longer with us?


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