I heard a joke by Robin Williams once that Canada is just a "loft above a really great party", I have no idea why that line always stuck with me nor do I harbor any ill feelings towards any of my neighbors from the Great White North!

But I digress.

Our wedding venue has one teeny-tiny issue aside from being the most perfect venue on Earth:

Our guests will have to be separated by a  "Main Floor" seating and a "Loft" seating.

A Loft Above A Really Great Party? / Image via Elegala / Photo by Angela Greenlaw Photography
Since we are hoping to host around 150-160 guests, this forces us to utilize the loft space upstairs in order to comfortably fit everyone.  I am having some mild (!!!) anxiety in terms of who will be seated in the loft area versus the main floor.  Both of them do have good and bad aspects - hive, you know what that means....

TIME FOR A PRO/CON LIST!!  ::claps::

*guests will have the first and closest look at the bridal party's entrance (we'll enter from the left of that photo and down the stairs you see on the right)
*the only bar in-house is located on the loft
*guests will have a quieter, more intimate dinner

*guests may feel disconnected from us/other guests seated on the main floor
*the bathrooms are located on the main floor
*guests will have to lean over to see first dance/cake cutting/etc.

*guests will have visibility to us and the rest of the bridal party
*guests may feel more included
*the area on the main floor is wider, which means more perceived "space"

*the bar is all the way upstairs! ;)
*once the dance floor fills, the floor may feel exponentially more crowded
*for our older guests, the main floor will be considerably louder

So, I'm faced with a dilemma.  How do I fairly split my guests so that people don't feel like they've been "exiled" to the loft?  Is there any way to market the loft as something more special???  Put the booze-hounds up there to enjoy the bar?

I really just don't want to offend anyone, but there is no way around it!


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